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  1. Go to the Hire section and scout for defensive units and/or operatives.

  2. Go to the Black Market to purchase drugs and alcohol and weapons to make your crew happy. You need to arm your defensive units. Keep in mind that defensive units without weapons won't do a thing. Also pay attention to your happiness levels. It's easy to keep them happy but if you don't they will leave you.

  3. Make some cash by collecting from your casinos, Girls, loan sharks, and gambling dens.

  4. When you have enough turns, go scout for more operatives and defensive units and repeat from step 1.

  5. When you feel strong enough, you can attack other players within range. Keep in mind that when you attack someone they will have a revenge to use against you. This is the real Mafia World: "an eye for an eye, arm, and a leg".

  6. You can protect a percentage of your cash in the bank. This will safeguard it from attacks.

  7. Joining a family is wise, since you won't be able to survive very long by yourself. You also have the option of creating your own family.

  8. Enjoy the game and watch your back :)

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